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Who am I?

If you haven't heard of me over the last 20 years, my hope is that you will now.

Who am I?

I have lived in Redmond Oregon since 1969, attended Tumalo Elementary, first class of Obsidian JR High, and proud RHS Panther.

I was raised on a horse ranch and learned my work ethic from both my dad and mom.

My mom worked in restaurants most of my life in Central Oregon.

My dad was a jockey for the horse racing industry and was the Racing Secretary for the State of Oregon.

I started my career in the restaurant industry in 1990 at Sully's and Paradise Grill, where the Pineapple Jalapeno was created before starting Justy's Jelly.

20 years later, I still make every batch of jellies (I do not co-pack my products) and now bottling honey, mixed dips, and working on creating a line of "Justy's" foods and limited catering, using local ingredients when possible.

My jellies have been Central Oregon Locavore Non-Profit since the beginning and a part High Desert Food & Farm Alliance since 2011 and have been on boards for food groups such as EDCO food cluster.

I have donated gift baskets to Healing Reins Equine Assisted Services, Hospice of Redmond, Rip-N-Lips Invitational, Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center board, and collaborate with too many small businesses to name.

I have been part of Bend Farmers Market, Redmond Farmers Market, Northwest Crossing Saturday Farmers Market, Bite of Bend(was one of the secrets ingredients for the Top Chef competition) all of the Central Oregon and Oregon festivals since 2010.

I have always used local, printing shops (including Bend Rubber Stamp & Printing Co back in the 90's to make my labels) local Sign companies, and apparel shops, not Vista Print!

My jellies are only in local stores like Newport Avenue Market, Bend Food 4 Less, Market of Choice, Bend Oregon, and Oliver Lemon's Terrebonne and Oliver Lemon's Sisters, Ericksons Thriftway.

Local small businesses like The Bend Store, Big Ed's Artisan Bread, Schoolhouse Produce, Cinder Butte Meat Company, and many small locally owned boutiques across the nation.

I have been on menus over the years in Bend, Redmond and Prineville and Springfield, like Bend Brewing Co, Elk Lake Lodge, Avalon Aeropub at the Redmond Airport, 10 Barrel Brewing Company, all thanks to Aloha Produce Inc.. Christie's Kitchen, McKay Cottage and Happy Endings Food Truck and many more that are no longer in business.

So, I personally want to thank each and every one of you for supporting me over all these years.

We are going strong and look forward to our next chapters!


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