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Who am I?

If you haven't heard of me over the last 20 years, my hope is that you will now.

Who am I?

I have lived in Redmond Oregon since 1969, attended Tumalo Elementary, first class of Obsidian JR High, and proud RHS Panther.

I was raised on a horse ranch and learned my work ethic from both my dad and mom.

My mom worked in restaurants most of my life in Central Oregon.

My dad was a jockey for the horse racing industry and was the Racing Secretary for the State of Oregon.

I started my career in the restaurant industry in 1990 at Sully's and Paradise Grill, where the Pineapple Jalapeno was created before starting Justy's Jelly.

20 years later, I still make every batch of jellies (I do not co-pack my products) and now bottling honey, mixed dips, and working on creating a line of "Justy's" foods and limited catering, using local ingredients when possible.

My jellies have been Central Oregon Locavore Non-Profit since the beginning and a part High Desert Food & Farm Alliance since 2011 and have been on boards for food groups such as EDCO food cluster.

I have donated gift baskets to Healing Reins Equine Assisted Services,