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Charcuterie Togo

Some may say that charcuterie boards are the out-of-control new craze, or are they just really a meat, cheese and crackers snack?

Yes, you can put out your favorite summer sausage with some cheddar cheese and ritz crackers on a plate, and everyone will eat it up. But a charcuterie board says "You put some thought into your appetizer for your guests to enjoy". Even if you are not the one to make it.

That's what we want your guests to say!

Our new Charcuterie Togo plates are perfect if you are local to Central Oregon. We can make them for birthday parties, anniversary parties, wedding day in the bride / groom's rooms while they get ready for their special day, open houses, neighborhood block parties, or just having friends over to have a nice glass of wine and appetizer.

We also offer small and large charcuterie boxes to be shipped. These would not include fresh fruits, or anything that has to be refrigerated.