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We have added a NEW FLAVOR!
Have you noticed which one it is?

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Warm Up Your Winter !!!
4-Pack of 10oz Jars
Your choice of flavors for $25

My Family owned jellies have enticed taste buds everywhere for more than 15 years!

From coast to coast and beyond, word has come back to me that these jellies are pretty darn good.

The Pineapple Jalapeno combination of juicy, sweet pineapple and just the right amount of jalapeno peppers create a flavor explosion sure to capture your attention.

The Pineapple Roasted Garlic is simply the best garlic jelly around! Garlic roasted to golden perfection and sweet tropical pineapple combined with a special blend of spices make my jelly a unique cooking taste treat.

Check out more flavors here.

Go ahead and give them a try… let me know what you think! Enjoy